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Welcome to ESS, your independent and transparent Energy Savings Specialists. We act as your commercial electricity, gas, water and waste consultant. We are one of the only consultancies offering cost management for waste refuse collection.

Our key energy management services

Electricity savings

Our approach is straightforward and transparent. We share common cause to achieve the lowest cost.

Gas savings

Ensuring that supplies are tendered widely is essential to achieve best value at contract renewal.

Waste savings

Management of waste removal are investigated, whilst ensuring that the most competitive prices are secured.

Water savings

With smart metering option consumption can be closely monitored and potential leaks identified at an early stage.

Latest energy news

The sectors we work in


Understanding the energy markets can be time-consuming, and it’s often difficult to know exactly what the best deal is, or in which areas you can save the most money. Schools have tight budgets to stick to and procuring energy at rates to match that is a tricky business.


The care sector is widely reported to be under pressure as local authority funding dwindles and demand increases. Energy consumption cannot usually be reduced where vulnerable residents are concerned, so it’s all the more important that your utility contracts are competitive and invoices are constantly accurate.


SMEs spend a lot of time controlling costs and securing funding. According to research from Opus Energy, 40% of SMEs say that costs are one of the biggest challenges they face. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) revealed that a significant amount of small businesses (71%) reported an increase in their operating costs in 2017.


Energy costs are the second biggest budget item after staff costs in a typical sports centre, according to Carbon Trust. They can account for as much as 30% of the total operating costs, which is a significantly higher figure than in other sectors.

Smart metering service

Appointing your own meter operator provides the opportunity to control those costs and in addition to have independent and uninterrupted access to the consumption data on line in a wide variety of graphical and tabular formats.

  • View and analyse all consumption data – electricity, gas or water.
  • Find out where, how much and when an organisation is using energy
  • Create budgets and targets for every site
  • Produce multi-site comparison reports to motivate or incentivise staff.
  • Receive alarms when predetermined consumption levels are exceeded.
School Budgets

Invoice validation

In the vast majority of cases, utility invoices are passed for payment by allocating a budget code and then being initialled by a person responsible for that cost centre. Rarely, if ever, are bills checked for accuracy, yet these costs can be an important overhead affecting the business.

Our process of validating all possible charges in every fixed and flexible contract invoice is unrivalled.

How do we do it

Expert Guidance

Our staff are experienced industry professionals and committed to delivering great customer service with a thorough and result-oriented mindset. We are independent and unbiased consultants, providing you with full transparency.

Professional team

Our co-operative, partner-like approach is always thorough and focused on improvement. We believe that objective assessment and honest feedback is the best way to help organisations to deliver improved systems, assured products and efficient services.

What our clients say

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