4 reasons you should be conducting regular energy audits

Saving on energy consumption and costs with energy audits

4 reasons you should be conducting regular energy audits

With net zero commitments on the horizon, the push for energy efficiency may seem somewhat daunting to business owners. But there is a very simple and effective approach that can provide businesses with a myriad of benefits: conducting energy audits.

There is a running misconception that energy audits are time-consuming and fruitless. In reality, they can unlock valuable opportunities that provide your business with financial and environmental benefits.

An energy audit usually involves a survey and analysis of how and where the business is using energy. This enables an organisation to pinpoint areas of inefficiency and waste. By doing so, we learn where we can conserve energy and in turn, save money. Conducting an audit can mean that the energy input into the system is reduced without impacting the output.

What do energy audits consist of?

An energy audit is a valuable tool when trying to conserve both energy and expenses. Firstly, each area of a business is assessed to collect as much information as possible on the amount of energy used. Factors including lighting, heating, water usage, air conditioning, and electrical devices are all taken into consideration. Businesses are then shown the areas where energy usage can be reduced.

But what’s in it for you? Here are some of the ways that your business can benefit from conducting regular energy audits.

1. Lower consumption

Not only do energy audits save on costs by identifying where energy is being wasted, but they also help towards a greener business model. Without an audit, businesses could be needlessly consuming more energy than needed and in turn, adding to their expenses.

With natural resources continuing to lessen, we must become as efficient with our energy as possible. Conserving energy not only benefits your business in the short term but will continue to aid your business and the environment in the long term.

2. Reduce energy costs

Once you start conserving your energy consumption, you also reap the financial benefits. Many unnecessary energy expenses may go unnoticed with many contributing factors. Becoming more energy efficient could be as easy as switching to energy saving light bulbs or updating tech equipment.

At ESS we can assist you in taking control of your costs with our smart metering service. With this you will be able to analyse your consumption, create budgets and consumption targets. Staying proactive with your energy management means saving time and money later on. Keeping equipment up to date will provide more efficient working in the future.

3. Improving carbon emissions

While we move towards a greener future, reducing our use of energy that is harming the environment is vital.

By switching to LED lights, you are already taking a huge step forward. A 13W LED bulb emits 68% less carbon dioxide than a 40W incandescent bulb. ESS can explore the various options that suit your business model. Book a survey today.

The UK Government has set a target of reaching net zero by 2050. And in reaching that target, reducing your carbon footprint through energy efficiency is an essential step. Reducing the energy consumption of just one business may seem insignificant in reaching net zero, every small step towards a greener future is necessary.

4. Complying with regulations

Large businesses can face substantial fines if they don’t comply with the Energy Saving Scheme’s (ESOS) regulations. Implemented in 2019, energy audits are essential for all businesses that meet the ESOS regulations.

To stay compliant with the scheme, businesses should have regular audits conducted. To gain full transparency, the audits should include carbon and greenhouse gas reduction commitments, Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), and ESOS implementations.

Rising energy costs

How can ESS help?

While creating an energy efficient plan may seem confusing, ESS is here to help. We offer an audit service that will assess your current gas, electricity and water expenditure and identify potential opportunities to reduce energy and overheads.

We tailor our action plans to make sure that your business is compliant with green legislation and schemes such as ESOS. With our smart metering service, we can create budgets and targets for your business’ energy consumption to become more sustainable.

If you would like our help on your journey towards sustainability, contact us at ESS Utility.

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