4 ways renewables can help businesses towards a restorative and sustainable future

Renewable and green energy savings

4 ways renewables can help businesses towards a restorative and sustainable future

A drastic shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy is vital in the fight against climate change. The processes used to retrieve fossil fuel energy not only pollute the atmosphere, but also destroy bio-diversity. Renewables have gained a lot of attention from governments around the world in the strive towards net zero emissions. And businesses are now starting to realise the added potential benefits that come with switching to clean energy.

Harmful emissions released into the atmosphere were at an all time low during national lockdowns. But, as people and businesses returned to normal life, CO₂ emission levels have become higher than before the pandemic. To lessen our global carbon footprint, we must utilise natural resources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy.

As net zero commitments grow ever closer and governmental schemes get underway, it is essential that businesses become compliant. Switching to renewable energy is one of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve this. Going green can offer businesses potential savings and commercial opportunities, among other advantages.

Stable energy costs

While switching to renewable energy sources may seem expensive and time consuming, the benefits largely outweigh the drawbacks. Using renewables allows businesses to benefit financially as well as reducing their environmental impact. Using fossil fuels to power buildings and equipment is not only damaging to the planet, but can also be expensive.

As fossil fuel resources have continued to lessen over the years, their prices have risen considerably. And as these supplies continue to dwindle, their prices will only increase further. This could mean spending significantly more than competitors that have already made the switch to renewable energy.

With onsite generation, excess or unused power can also be sold back to the grid, adding to the financial benefits of renewable energy. Onsite generation and energy storage are quickly becoming more viable options for businesses in terms of financial savings.

Get ahead of the curve

To stay competitive, businesses will have to adopt clean energy strategies. As climate action becomes increasingly vital across the world, you may find some businesses ‘greenwashing’. This means going green performatively through marketing, rather than taking the physical leap towards a more sustainable future. While this may seem like an easy solution right now, ‘greenwashed’ businesses will experience repercussions as we near net zero deadlines.

Other than providing clients with the best possible service or product, a business should be transparent about its ethics. Assuring clients and investors that your values align with environmental issues is a great way to boost public relations and secure future funding.

By procuring green energy or generating onsite generation, businesses take control of their impact on the planet. The reputational benefits of this as the UK transitions to a net zero economy cannot be overlooked.

Generate jobs and stimulate the economy

Investing in renewables encourages growth within the energy industry and in turn generates new roles within the sector. As more businesses join the journey to a greener future, the renewable sector will grow exponentially.

Solar energy and hydropower are among the sources which create the highest number of jobs. In 2016 9.8 million jobs were generated within the renewables sector. This number has continued to grow throughout the years as renewables fall into higher demand.

Renewables may also be responsible for powering an economic recovery after Covid-19. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) green energy could lead to global GDP gain of almost £80 trillion between now and 2050. For this reason, IRENA is urging governments to make the switch to kickstart this economic recovery.

Reduce impact on the environment

One of the most important benefits that renewable energy offers is reducing detrimental impacts on the earth. In contrast to the destructive effects of fossil fuel energy, renewables produce little to no harmful emissions.

Sourcing wind or solar energy also requires next to no water, allowing water supplies to go unpolluted. In contrast, fossil fuel energy sources have a huge impact on global water supplies. Coal mining and natural gas drilling have been big pollutants of water over the years.

Green procurement allows businesses more efficient and effective use of natural resources. Understanding how much you are consuming and what of is essential knowledge as we move towards a sustainable future.

How can ESS help?

With so many potential benefits, it just makes sense for businesses to go green. And in the drive towards net zero, renewables are essential.

At ESS we believe in the power of renewable energy sources. With our years of experience and expert teams, we are focused on providing clients with everything they need to start their journey towards sustainability.

Get in touch to find out how ESS can help you reroute towards a green future.

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