About ESS Utility


Helping clients control energy and utility budgets through expert guidance

ESS was set up in 1999 by a group of energy industry professionals wanting to provide a high-quality expert service to SMEs who were struggling to obtain the best value from the newly deregulated energy market.

Who we are

ESS Utility is a specialist consultancy that works with private and public sector organisations. We have over 20 years of experience, an extensive pool of expert advisors and proven methodologies. Over the years we have become the trusted Energy Savings Specialist.

We are impartial, independent, transparent. We act as your commercial electricity, gas, water and waste consultant. We are one of the only consultancies offering cost management for waste refuse collection. We have further extended its services to include invoice validation.

Energy savings for headteachers and bursars

The value we offer to you is simple

  • We complement your in-house activities, reducing your unnecessary paper work
  • You get a larger number of tariff and contract options from a wider variety of suppliers with greater differentiation between options
  • You get quotes from both larger and smaller suppliers
  • With our clear and timely communications, you’ll get details and explanations of the differences between prices, giving you full control
  • You get regular updates and reports highlighting progress and savings we have made during contract periods
  • We negotiate the lowest possible price for you that meets your business criteria
  • We take care of all necessary document preparation, administration and supplier transfer management on behalf of your businesses in ending existing contracts and setting up new ones
  • We facilitate your budgeting and administration with our monitoring and reporting
  • We help keep your future costs and consumption to a minimum
  • We partner with each client for the long term instead of quick wins and short-term cheap quotes costing more at the end

Our co-operative, partner-like approach is always thorough and focused on improvement. We believe that objective assessment and honest feedback is the best way to help organisations to deliver improved systems, assured products and efficient services.

Why should you choose ESS

Why should you choose ESS?


  • Our staff are experienced industry professionals and committed to delivering great customer service with a thorough and result-oriented mindset
  • We are independent and unbiased consultants
  • Our seasoned trading team with in-depth market knowledge take care of all the aspects of energy, water and waste management, advising the best time to buy
  • We tender to the full market, analyse and report all offers from suppliers giving you ultimate choice and control
  • We ensure a smooth and seamless handover to your suppliers
  • We continuously monitor your bills and diarise your renewal dates
  • We are successful in securing savings and refunds for the vast majority of clients
  • Our fees are based purely on performance: if we are unable to secure a refund or saving there is no charge / If we can’t secure a saving, there is no charge to you.
  • Our invoice validation service audits billing obtained directly from the supplier, prior to the payment. We report any exceptions and take them up directly with suppliers. As invoicing data builds up over time, we are able to provide you a useful reporting tool for budgeting and accrual reports.

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