Great people

We search out a very specific type of person when building and growing our team.

ESS  have learned that the first step to delivering unbeatable customer service is creating the right company culture. We invest heavily in energising, rewarding and caring for our staff and, in return, our team are not only experienced experts but are passionate about the service they provide their clients and making a difference.

Dan Nichols

Head of Customer Relationships

At the helm of the ship, Dan is responsible for the wider vision of ESS, using his vast energy management experience to spread innovation throughout our energy and cost-saving solutions. His mission is to continue to make client savings through harnessing technological advancements and using resources in more intelligent and sustainable ways. He does this all whilst retaining that personal ESS touch.

Faye Lewis

Account Manager

A kingpin in ESS operations, Faye gets involved in procurement, invoice validation and queries, amongst other vital administrative tasks. Efficient and organised, she doesn’t know the meaning of not doing a job properly. Blessed are those requiring assistance through the opportunity of a phone conversation with Faye.

Chris Langley

Account Manager

Chris has been working in accounts for 25 years, the last 13 of which being in the energy sector, so he is no stranger to cutting costs in utilities. His wealth of experience working in this department makes him a wizard with all data, numbers, facts and figures. His precision and work-ethic ensures the biggest savings across the board for all of our clients.

As part of our customer experience, we believe in open communication and personal connection from top to bottom. This Philosophy is personified by our great team.

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