Great people

We search out a very specific type of person when building and growing our team.

ESS  have learned that the first step to delivering unbeatable customer service is creating the right company culture. We invest heavily in energising, rewarding and caring for our staff and, in return, our team are not only experienced experts but are passionate about the service they provide their clients and making a difference.

Dan Nichols

Head of Customer Relationships

As our Head of Customer Relationships, Dan is responsible for driving quality and delivering an excellent service to our customers. Dan’s wealth of utilities management knowledge and experience gives him a unique perspective of the challenges faced by public sector organisations, particularly when it comes to juggling sustainability, innovation, and economy. Dan prefers a more personal approach, and always takes the time to understand your needs, leveraging his experience and key partnerships to develop the solution that suits your aspirations (and your budget). With Dan at the helm, you will always receive a service that focuses on value, maximises potential cost-savings, and delivers on quality – helping you achieve your Net Zero goals.

Matthew Gray

Head of Procurement

As our Head of Procurement, Matt is something of an industry savant. Using his knack for numbers, Matt will go above and beyond to procure the most competitive rates for your energy utilities without diluting quality. Matt guides the energy procurement process for all ESS customers, and regularly shares his insights through detailed Energy Market reports. Commonly known as ‘Market Industry Reporting’ (MIR), this data is invaluable when identifying the best routes to market for your energy requirements. With Matt’s advanced forecasting analytics to hand, you will always be ahead of the energy curve.

Dan Vincent

Account Manager

Our primary Account Manager Dan has an impressive portfolio when it comes to managing customer relationships. His passion, knowledge and enthusiasm accurately reflects our ‘hands-on’ philosophy, and his dedication to his craft ensures that you consistently achieve your objectives to the highest possible standard. Dan has managed over 7,000 sites on behalf of our customers. He knows the most efficient ways to cut your utilities expenditure and manage your energy more efficiently – keeping costs down and keeping customers satisfied. With Dan at your side, you will be able to keep the lights on without having to worry about the bills!

As part of our customer experience, we believe in open communication and personal connection from top to bottom. This Philosophy is personified by our great team.

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