COVID 19: Support during crisis

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COVID 19: Support during crisis

ESS breaks down the extra measures being taken to support and protect their customers and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak, specifically those based in care homes.

Protecting the vulnerable

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a challenging time for us, our clients and their customers to whom we all owe a duty of care regardless of the unique nature of the circumstances we find ourselves in. ESS is currently prioritising those customers based in care homes due to the increased risk factor of infection and health issues faced by those living and working in a care capacity.

The primary concern for ESS, in this regard, is to prevent potential waste contamination and mitigate the spread of the virus since the disruption caused by the virus has led to the reduction and delay of clinical and hazardous waste removal services.

“…we have been communicating with the relevant waste providers to be made aware of any service issues and delays which will affect the usual waste collections so the homes can be aware of this in advance and so arrange for an urgent site clearance.”

-Faye Lewis, Account Manager ESS

Additionally, this sector has been lacking in essential equipment and supplies for waste removal such as colour coded waste bags used to distinguish different types of waste and signal how they should be disposed of.

ESS have been in close communication with suppliers to secure a surplus of these waste bags to account for the present increase in clinical waste and, as Ms. Lewis highlights, have been taking preventative measures as well:

“… We have organised a weekly stocktake of the relevant products the homes will need for their waste collections so they don’t run out and are looking to temporarily increase lifts/bins throughout the ongoing situation whilst excess waste is being accumulated.”

The standard behaviour and routines of ESS staff has also been adjusted to abide by current government and NHS social distancing guidelines in order to protect staff and resident until the crisis has abated.


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