Creating a sustainable waste management plan in 2022

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Creating a sustainable waste management plan in 2022

As the world starts to experience the negative effects of global warming, it has become clear that rapid change is necessary. Sustainability is now at the top of every business agenda, as more and more businesses begin to recognise the benefits for both the environment, their own credentials, and their bottom line.

In 2019, the UK’s commercial industries generated over 37.2 million tonnes of waste. The pollution caused by unnecessary waste is impacting upon the Earth significantly. And it is up to countries, businesses and individuals to work together to prevent further harm to the environment.

So, how can businesses create a sustainable waste management plan and lessen their impact on the Earth?

Carry out an audit and analysis

A business can’t reduce its waste without first understanding the cause. The best way of figuring out which areas of your business produce the most waste is by conducting regular audits and analyses.

Unnecessary waste puts a strain on the environment, as well as affecting your business’s finance. So, becoming more sustainable could bring benefits for your business, in both the short and long-term.

At ESS, we offer a free audit of your waste disposal costs to ensure that your current waste removal operations are at their most advantageous. Through a full site survey, we can identify areas of improvement and help you find solutions that can be tailored to your business. Get in touch to find out more about our audit service.

Set goals for sustainability

Once you have identified areas where your business can improve its waste management, it is important to swiftly set ambitious – yet realistic goals. Setting short and long-term targets to minimise waste will make sustainability so much more achievable for your business.

These goals should be targeted at areas specific to the business itself, which will make them more reachable. Transparency surrounding your improvements will in turn enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials. This is particularly important in the current market, as many clients now consider sustainability to be a top priority when choosing to work with a business.

Introduce a green team

Consider asking employees to actively participate in your sustainability goals. Including employees in your cause will encourage a stronger social bond, and could even accelerate your business towards its targets. Through green initiatives, such as offering prizes for completing activities or incorporating sustainable habits, you will be inviting employees to become greener – with the added fun of a friendly competition!

Another option is to introduce a green team. This could be a group of volunteers, or a representative from each department. This team can canvass support and suggestions from the rest of the workforce. Which in turn could help your business to focus on improving its sustainability.

How can ESS help?

Becoming energy efficient and maintaining a green outlook is now essential for the UK, as the country strives to meet its net zero targets in the coming years. This means that every aspect of a business must now focus on developing in a sustainable way.

At ESS, we are passionate about getting our clients on the right track towards sustainability. We ensure that your waste management systems are enhanced and optimised – both from a financial and an environmental perspective.

Get in touch to find out how ESS can help you become more sustainable through waste management.

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