Electricity – How clean is my valley?


Electricity – How clean is my valley?

Figures from DEIS the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy confirmed that during 2017 low carbon sources of electricity generation accounted for 50.4% of the U.K. total.

Low carbon does include nuclear but before we shrug off the headline 50.4% , the two sources that the public might generally associate with “low carbon” i.e. wind and solar, actually overtook nuclear in the last quarter of 2017 to become our second biggest source of electricity generation after gas.

So we are getting greener but our dependence still on imported gas in a fragile political environment means that efforts to diversify our reliance on traditional sources continues.

Cuadrilla announcied this week that they have completed the first horizontal shaft and could start fracking in Lancashire this summer.

And depending on your standpoint there, you may well feel that our valley is not that green after all.

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