Strength in numbers: energy baskets

energy basket

Strength in numbers: energy baskets

Energy baskets reduce costs, stress and decrease admin for you

After three successive years of rising energy markets, ESS energy baskets are a simple way for our clients to acquire greater buying power and achieve a level of savings that is not available on an individual basis.

The energy baskets are a way of connecting the energy procurement of multiple sites across our client portfolio to form a stronger legion of energy buyers. By grouping together with other organisations, not only can each individual client reduce the rates they pay, but strength in numbers reduces risk premium for all, thus protecting them against the volatile market.

ESS energy baskets: the benefits

  • Every organisation, big or small, will gain greater buying power by being included in an energy basket
  • Highly competitive prices not available on an individual basis
  • The larger volume allows suppliers to reduce the risk premium added to fixed energy contracts. The level of risk is shared amongst the members
  • Increased protection against market volatility and rising non-commodity costs
  • Every member also benefits from using greener energy and receives a greater level of account management service


energy baskets

Dates and requirements

  • Client needs to be on a fixed fee agreement with ESS
  • The negotiated contract will be for a 3 year fully fixed green product with an end date of 30/09/2022
  • The client will be notified when the tender process has begun
  • The report will be sent to the client ten business days later. Should they have any objections to our recommendation, they have 24 hours in which to inform us
  • If the client doesn’t respond within 24 hours, it will count as an automatic acceptance to go ahead with the recommendation reported
  • Client will receive lock-in confirmation and a copy of the fixed contract

To join our energy basket or to find out more, get in touch with our procurement manager Wilson Pinto on 01213 488 980 or


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