The flipside of Pancake Day

pancake flipping

The flipside of Pancake Day

Another Pancake Day is upon us and we’re preparing our stomachs for one of the sweetest days of the year, but did you know that Pancake Day is also linked to waste prevention?

Pancake Day is also known as Shrove Tuesday (derived from the word ‘shrive’ which means absolution for sins by doing penance), the day before the start of Lent where Christians abstain from eating certain foods for 40 days.

How did pancakes come around?

Because of that, households found that the food they weren’t consuming would have to be thrown away and pancakes were found to be a great way to use up foods that would otherwise have gone to waste within the six weeks, especially eggs and milk.

It’s not just sweet food that can be made into pancakes; you can make savoury ones too with leftovers and veg you might have hanging around in your fridge, like mashed potato, squash, broccoli, tomato, cheese and even sparkling wine!

Nowadays, modern refrigeration and packaging means that food is unlikely to go off so quick, including pancake mix. A lot of people go out to specifically buy ingredients to make pancakes which contributes to even more food waste.

Here are some tips to reduce your waste this Pancake Day:

Be reasonable with your portioning: When it comes to making pancakes, we’re always making more than we need to. Be realistic with how much you will actually eat and make just enough batter and filling for that quantity.

Don’t waste anything: If you do end up making too much batter, you can store it in the fridge for 3 days or in the freezer for a few months; you can also make Yorkshire pudding out of pancake batter.

Don’t flip out: We all know that the fun of Pancake Day is to challenge yourself to flip a pancake, but if you’re not 100% confident we advise to just do it the old-fashioned way – with a spatula. This avoids you dropping it on the floor or even sticking it to the ceiling!

Happy Pancake Day!

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