Get your business ahead of the curve with LED lighting

Get your business ahead of the curve with LED lighting

As the year draws to a close, so do the warm, light summer days. And with it comes a bigger strain on our lighting systems, with more energy used and bills increasing. But installing LED lights could help solve this.

With net zero targets around the corner, it is also vital that businesses stay ahead of the curve in terms of green tech and sustainable practices. By investing in LED lighting, businesses can keep in line with government legislation, reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

We take a look at some of the other benefits of installing LED lights.

Reducing emissions

20% of electricity generated in the UK is attributed to lighting. And while there are many benefits to implementing green practices, reducing emissions and improving the impact on the environment must be top of the list. This is why improving lighting systems is now imperative.

LED lights do not contain mercury, harmful gases, or emit harmful UV rays. As well as reducing energy and costs, you can make significant CO₂ savings which improve the working environment, comfort and productivity.

Compared to an incandescent bulb, an LED bulb is 80% more energy efficient. Incorporating smart lighting controls can also help lower a business’s carbon footprint. Motion sensors and daylight-dependent regulation can complement low cost, efficient lighting. And help to maximise savings even more.

Cut costs

LED lighting is the most cost-effective and durable option for businesses and households. Switching your building, or multiple sites, to a different lighting system can feel daunting. Yet the eventual return on investment will not save time and money it will also help the environment.

These bulbs require much less energy and last a lot longer. Sometimes lasting as much as 20 years. Not only is this more efficient for businesses, it will also save them from buying bulbs that use more energy over a shorter lifespan.

Boost corporate social responsibility credentials

Transparency around your environmental achievements and targets is becoming essential for businesses. Especially as customers are more aware of the need for sustainability. This in turn boosts a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials. Improving green credentials can help businesses attract new clients, while also reducing their utility costs and carbon emissions.

By demonstrating broader interests, rather than focusing on costs, businesses can attract a loyal customer base. Highlighting the environment and customer wellbeing can prompt word-of-mouth referrals and entice a broader range of clients.

How can ESS help?

Getting ahead of the curve can save you both time and money. While also bringing a long list of environmental benefits.

At ESS, we understand that keeping up with the rapid stream of green tech can be a challenge. We offer a number of services, including a free audit and survey of your business. This allows us to determine the most effective solutions, tailored specifically for each business.

Get in touch today to find out how ESS can help you to integrate effective and efficient lighting solutions into your business.

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