How SMART do you have to be?

Smart Metering

How SMART do you have to be?

Energy UK , the trade body for the industry and the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy came out with a joint defence of smart metering last week, quoting various statistics about the roll out, take up and interchangeability of meters with suppliers.

Well we all know what Mark Twain thought of statistics, “lies damn lies and ……”, but the fact is that despite the inevitable chaos in any UK organisational initiative (who mentioned train time tables), the fact is that smart metering is coming, is here to stay and is a GOOD THING.

Enabling the generatiors to accurately predict consumption and ultimately achieve an e-grid where production of electricity and demand can be accurately matched, will make the grid more efficient to the benefit of all.

As far as reducing consumption is concerned, that is very much up to the individual household or business. Glancing at a tell tale meter on the wall of the kitchen might well get the odd light turned off at the domestic level but the real gains will be made by businesses who embrace their consumption data and act upon it.

The smart meter roll out may not have been a model of efficiency to date, but there are savings to be had and as Mark Twain also said: “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”.

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