How to keep your energy bills low in the face of rising prices

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How to keep your energy bills low in the face of rising prices

The unforeseen energy crisis last year has led to a spike in energy demand. Along with reduced supply, this has had a detrimental impact on energy bills for businesses across the UK. The end result is that many households and businesses have been pushed into fuel poverty. In light of this, businesses must now focus on cutting unnecessary waste.

In order to adapt to the ongoing price rises, it is essential that we reduce our consumption as much as possible. Not only will this lower energy prices for households and businesses, it will also prevent further harm to the Earth.

So, how can you keep your bills low whilst prices continue to rise?

Choose the greener option

Lighting accounts for 20% of electricity that is generated in the UK. And while there are many ancillary benefits to implementing green practices, reducing emissions and improving the impact on the environment must be top of the list. This is why improving lighting systems is now imperative.

LED lighting is the most cost-effective option for businesses. Switching your lighting systems can seem like a lengthy and daunting task. But there will be an eventual return on investment, which will also help the environment. So don’t be afraid of embracing LEDs. Get in touch to find out more about our surveys and advice on LEDs.

Upgrade your equipment

Moving towards a greener future involves upgrading your current energy appliances. And taking a simple approach can sometimes be the most effective.

Updating equipment, installing smart meters, and upgrading your building insulation can make a significant impact on your business’s consumption. And subsequently your energy bills.

These adjustments may seem small, but they can significantly cut costs and consumption. While also lessening your impact on the environment. Choosing to switch to upgraded equipment can also help your business to get ahead of the curve. And potentially overtake competitors that didn’t stay on top of technological developments.

Metering and monitoring

Incorporating regular metering and monitoring helps businesses to gain an insight into key areas where energy is currently wasted. By cutting unnecessary waste, a business will cut its costs as well.

An energy audit can assess how much energy is being used in each sector of your business. An audit typically looks at lighting, heating, water usage, air conditioning and the use of electrical devices. Ongoing performance monitoring can also provide to reassurance that your systems are delivering to a good standard.

Embrace efficiency

Energy efficiency within your organisations can bring numerous environmental and financial benefits. Against a backdrop of diminishing energy supplies and increasing prices, it is fast-becoming essential that businesses do what is best for them and the environment. Transparency surrounding energy efficiency could also increase a business’s standing, in a market where consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environment. Making energy efficiency an essential part of an organisation’s path towards net zero.

Consider encouraging employees to incorporate efficiency into their daily lives. Such as switching off appliances when they leave the building, closing windows when HVAC systems are in use, and making the most of any natural light. These measures can go some way towards reducing your energy consumption and subsequent costs.

Introduce green initiatives

Green initiatives in the workplace can also help steer employees towards more consistent and sustainable habits. Offering incentives for eco-friendly behaviour encourages employees to live more sustainably, whilst doing so in a fun and collaborative way. Some effective ideas include paper-free week, reduced plastic use, and increased recycling programmes around the office.

As consumer awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to grow, businesses are responding by incorporating green initiatives. These initiatives will not only cut costs – they will also increase the potential for a larger client base and the ensuing financial benefits.

How can ESS help?

Coping with rising energy prices can seem daunting, especially during these turbulent times. But the benefits of becoming efficient are endless.

At ESS, we understand that trying to keep energy bills low can be a challenge. We offer a number of services geared towards energy efficiency, including a free audit and survey of your business. This allows us to determine the most effective solutions, tailored specifically for your business.

Get in touch today to find out how ESS can help you to manage your energy and subsequent bills.

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