Commercial SMEs


SME businesses are the backbone of the UK economy

SMEs (small and medium sized business) are vital to the UK economy.
In 2017, there were 5.7 million SMEs in the UK in 2017, accounting for a substantial 99.3% of all private sector businesses. SMEs are creating much-needed jobs by employing 16.1 million people (in 2017), constituting 60% of the private sector employment in the UK.

Money, money, money – rising operating costs

Businesses are more vulnerable to economic swings and changing market conditions than large corporations, and these fluctuations are only exacerbated by current Brexit uncertainty, volatile oil and gas markets, and growing labour costs.

SMEs spend a lot of time controlling costs and securing funding. According to research from Opus Energy, 40% of SMEs say that costs are one of the biggest challenges they face. More insights here

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) revealed that a significant amount of small businesses (71%) reported an increase in their operating costs in 2017. For example, utility costs have risen by 24% since 2016. FSB also noted that rising fuel and energy prices were adding to the already escalating operating costs. See FSB’s press release

However, by reallocating resources and efforts, you could enhance your business growth. In the case of your utilities – energy, water and waste – we can help you find areas where you are spending too much by looking at your consumption and cost profile holistically.

Enhance your business growth
Tailored procurement strategy

Usually, when you use consultants or contractors, you expect them to reduce the burden of administrative elements, and to make things more efficient with their specific expertise – in order to justify the costs of paying a third party.

Moreover, you expect your utility broker to secure cheaper prices from energy, water and waste management suppliers than if you had gone directly to the suppliers.

We save you valuable time and give you peace of mind by getting as many favourable quotes meeting your specific business requirements as possible. We make sure your needs and business objectives are carefully crafted into your tailored procurement strategy before our trading and risk management team even starts the extensive search of the market for the best value options. We will select the evaluation criteria together with you, based on our sophisticated analysing and scoring methodology.

Cutting costs by finding cheaper contract prices and reducing consumption are priorities for most businesses.

So, how do you cut your utility costs?

Many businesses rely heavily on their suppliers to remind them of energy, water and/or waste management contract renewal dates. Most business owners are only vaguely aware of the current prices they are paying. Unfortunately, business managers usually do not have the time, proper trading software, or sufficient market knowledge to know when is the best time to renew a contract, and with whom they should renew.

We provide you with full transparency of all costs and charges, both the supplier side and our services. We can get quotes from the whole energy and water market, but we only deal with fully reliable suppliers. We make the complex switching process smooth, and ensure you do not run into expensive out of contract rates. As we monitor the market 24/7, we can renew your contract when the price is right for you.

With ESS, your billing always stays accurate thanks to our in-depth invoice validation. We will even check your old invoices with our historic audit to recover refunds for overcharges.

Knowing what you consume and how much you pay enables you to tackle any unnecessary spending. You can also decrease your operating costs by actually reducing your own time spent on administrative issues, market monitoring and research, checking the accuracy of utility invoicing, monitoring your energy and water usage, and adjusting budgets accordingly.

When you have up-to-date site lists and energy management status provided by us, you don’t have to second guess anymore or tackle complex paperwork. More importantly, you will have full control over your utilities all the time, thanks to our 24/7 online reporting and budgeting service.

When you have multiple sites, you benefit from the flexibility and simplicity we bring by consolidating your contracts into groups or into one, or organising your invoice periods into one co-terminus schedule, saving you even more in time and money.

Dedicated support and expert guidance

Your company provides good customer service to your clients, and you would not accept anything less from your suppliers and contractors. With your dedicated ESS team and account manager, you never have to worry about your renewal dates, invoice accuracy, supplier management,  overspending and overcharges, and budgeting reports, as we take care of all that for you. That’s not to mention monitoring your energy efficiencies to keep your consumption down, and help the environment by becoming more sustainable in the process.

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