Education sector challenges

According to The Guardian, schools have faced serious budget cuts forcing them to make teachers redundant, cut subjects from the curriculum, and spend less on books and equipment.

More than 80% of teachers surveyed by the Guardian Teacher Network said their school has made cutbacks or is planning to, says The Guardian.
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As headteachers are struggling to cope with funding cuts, per-pupil funding not rising in line with inflation, reduced supply staff budgets, and increased workloads, they are at the same time facing several extra costs: for example, higher contributions to national insurance and teachers’ pensions and the apprenticeship levy.
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School Budgets
Energy savings for headteachers and bursars

So, what should headteachers and bursars do?

Understanding the energy markets can be time-consuming, and it’s often difficult to know exactly what the best deal is, or in which areas you can save the most money. in. Schools have tight budgets to stick to and procuring energy at rates to match that is a tricky business. At ESS, we can tender for the most competitive prices to ensure that you never overpay for your energy. This will save you time, benefit your bank balance, and allow you to invest more in other important resources.

We offer our clients in the education sector a range of utility management services. These stretch from historical bill validation and cost analysis, to sustainable energy use and waste disposal cost management. We not only focus on saving you money in the future but investigate how you may have been overcharged in the past and work to fully recover these costs. We continuously monitor the energy markets and renew your contracts as early as possible to optimise savings and take full advantage of market trends. We provide a complete utilities management service to meet all your energy, water and waste needs.

Achievements in the education sector

At ESS, we have assisted over 60 schools and colleges in both the public and private sector, and have supported a number of education-specific trade shows, including ISBA and academy events.

We work with a range of education institutions, from small state primary schools to large independent secondary schools, many with more than one site. Often with extended campuses, schools can present particular problems in terms of the variety of supplies and the physical disposition of water and waste refuse services.

We help you target specific areas of your energy and waste management, providing detailed easily-accessible reports online that you can access through our customer zone, or even by conducting face-to-face training for your staff members. We help you develop behavioural change across your school to achieve cost reductions, which is paramount given tight budgets across the education sector.

We recognise that bursars and business managers have many calls on their time, and that energy and waste management costs may not be a priority. We are a reliable partner overseeing these important areas of the budget, freeing up your time for more urgent matters.

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