Display energy certificates


DEC inspection service

When you need to prove the energy performance of your public building, you will need to have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

Government guidelines state that public authorities must have a DEC for a building if it meets the following requirements:

• It’s at least partially occupied by a public authority, examples being a council, leisure centre, college, NHS trust
• It has a total floor area of over 250 square meters
• It’s frequently visited by the public

To comply with government guidelines, buildings which meet the above requirements must display a valid DEC and a valid Advisory Report (AR), or face a total fine of £1,500. A DEC is valid for one year and promotes good energy management within organisations based in public buildings.

It shows how much energy is being used in the building and provides a rating based on how much energy has been used over the previous 12 months for similar buildings. The ratings range from A-G (A being the most energy efficient) and indicate to your service users and stakeholders the progress you are making towards energy efficiency.

DEC for a building
Legally energy efficient

An AR is a legal document valid for seven years and details ways in which an organisation could become more energy efficient. Legally, a building must have an AR before a DEC can be issued.

The solutions the AR proposes work to reduce the occupier’s energy bill and also reduce the carbon emissions, benefitting the environment at the same time. However, the improvements suggested are merely that – suggestions. It is not compulsory to follow them, although it is usually beneficial in multiple ways.

At ESS, we provide a free, no obligation DEC inspection service.

Our experienced, accredited energy assessors take care of your DEC process from start to finish, beginning with an initial site visit. We will then analyse and validate your utility invoices for the previous 12-month period and use this information to generate a fully compliant DEC and AR for your organisation. This process allows us to work on your company’s energy efficiency together. You can set achievable energy efficiency objectives, and monitor your energy consumption with the help of our smart monitoring service to improve your DEC rating.

One of the main benefits of having a Display Energy Certificate, aside from saving yourself money and reducing your carbon emissions, is that you have the opportunity to publicly show your good energy rating.

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