Waste savings

Looking to cut the cost of your waste removal?

Businesses and consumers generate millions of tonnes of waste per annum in the UK

How we manage these volumes has direct impacts on the environment, our lives, financial status and, of course, economy. All businesses are obliged to be compliant, whether their waste is general, hazardous, clinical, or confidential. Landfill taxes keep rising and contractors now weigh bins routinely and adjust billing accordingly.

Fight the rising costs with proper recycling

At ESS we do not believe that these pressures necessarily imply continued increases in the cost for the management and removal of waste from your site. Separating waste for recycling not only diminishes the volume and cost of the waste that goes to landfill, but it also serves to promote your green credentials to your staff, customers and the wider community.

But first, you need our free audit and analysis

We analyse all the steps of your waste management process and the related costs.

Our objective is to identify solutions to shrink your cost of waste removal management by securing the most competitive prices from your contractors and suppliers throughout the process.

We conduct a free audit of your waste disposal costs to ensure that the current operation of removing waste from the site is the most advantageous, both in terms of cost and to ensure that your landfill taxes are kept to a minimum. This audit is likely to involve a site survey which will be undertaken at no charge. Our report may identify some cost savings or even refunds to you. We usually find new ideas on how to improve the operation of removing waste from your sites.

Fight the rising costs with proper recycling

We make sure the price of your waste removal is competitive and that no overcharges incur on your invoices.

Survey of your waste streams

Let’s get started 

We start by undertaking a survey of your waste streams and analysing all associated costs. Careful note is made of the current culture and thought leaders so that an effective programme of behavioural change can be implemented. Changes to the physical layout and design of bins may be required as well as the use of appropriate signage to drive a culture of change.

Our audit and cost management service includes the following:

  • Current status of your waste disposal operation
  • Audit and validation of your waste collection invoices
  • Identification of areas for cost reduction
  • Solutions to improve waste disposal management
  • Site surveys as and when needed 
  • Report of our findings
  • Negotiation of potential refunds from your waste carrier
  • Negotiation of better deals with suppliers and contractors
  • Improved compliance monitoring
  • Help with landfill tax increases
  • Review how waste minimisation is progressing

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