Control prices and market risk with a purposeful procurement strategy

Our continuous aim is to help you reduce your overhead costs.

One of the best ways to do that is to get optimised prices and suitable contracts for your business, energy, water and waste disposal management from the suppliers.

Having a purposeful procurement strategy, which is fully OJEU compliant – and UK procurement law compliant after Brexit – allows you to integrate your total cost base and consumption trends into your procurement requirements. As a result, you will always buy exactly the right amount of energy and water, and the waste disposal services you require. You will also cost-efficiently manage your utility budget projections with this process.

We pride ourselves on providing best practice service including:

  • Tailored to your business needs and objectives
  • Daily market monitoring
  • Quick and accurate data collection
  • Analysis, reporting and management of complex bids
  • Review and negotiation of contract frameworks and prices
  • Transfer management between suppliers to avoid penalty payments
Purposeful procurement strategy

How we work

Letter of Authority

First, we obtain a Letter of Authority (LOA) from you allowing us to speak to your existing suppliers on your behalf.

Market Tracking

We monitor market prices daily. When market conditions are favourable we speak to all suppliers to get the most competitive rates based on your consumption-cost profile.

Price Comparison

Prices are collated, ranked, presented and reported against your current and renewal pricing. ESS will determine the best way forward to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.

Procurement experts

Procurement experts on energy, water and waste disposal management

With energy prices rising continually and the market fluctuating, you need a reliable partner to help you take control of your contracts.

We enable you to both reduce and stabilise your business utility costs, even in today’s volatile market conditions.

Utility procurement is not complex or complicated when you have the right partner.

We keep it simple

Our trading and procurement team analyses your utility portfolio and overall business objectives and then recommends strategies and suppliers based on your cost-consumption profile.

We gain a full understanding of your energy, water, and waste disposal requirements, risk appetite, budget restrictions and other constraints.

Together we define the key metrics and desired service level against which to measure the success. We put a matching strategy in place and keep you updated at every stage of the process.

Because we use accurate data throughout the procurement process and contract period, energy suppliers can price more sharply and remove the risk premium connected with incorrect consumption forecasts. We take care of the whole purchasing process and supplier or contract transfer management.

We work with all the UK’s suppliers in the market to get you the best possible contracts and prices for your energy, water and waste disposal. Our market experts monitor prices every day, enabling you to switch even 12-24 months before your contract renewal, so you do not end up paying higher default prices.

As a result, you efficiently manage your portfolio without the onerous task of having to create and run your own tendering process.

For even smarter energy, water and waste management we offer our thorough bill validation. You will never be overcharged again by the energy suppliers.

Purposeful procurement strategies

We offer five main procurement strategies which we will further tailor with different tactics to meet your business objectives and needs, terms and conditions, length of the contract, amount of risk, budget security needed, etc. The procurement strategies we offer are:

Ideal for fixed budgeting and forecasting certainty. A fixed contract is usually a longer-term arrangement that gives you greater security and planning.

When buying electricity with a fixed price, you can buy at the lowest market point and gain the best prices – if you monitor the market daily and renew when the time is right. We give you that trading expertise and budget certainty for full control over your costs and budget.

A fixed strategy is the most common way to purchase energy as it locks in energy prices. It is ideal for businesses who want to fully control their costs over a defined period and have a set budget. You will then have a fixed-term contract locked in with your chosen supplier. We source the best package that suits your business in terms of price, terms and service.

A flexible strategy is good for calculated risk-taking and varied budgeting levels which have the potential for bigger savings. You can benefit from advantages derived from fluctuations in the energy market.

We offer tailor-made risk management for a fully flexible strategy. You get accurate forecasting which highlights the best times to buy.

This strategy allows you to take full advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy and utility prices. You will purchase energy when the market rates are the most advantageous.

Flexible price contracts are bespoke risk management plans that offer variable wholesale prices based on what our trading team has agreed with you. Flexi is a risky approach but when you have an experienced partner to monitor the prices and trade accordingly, you can take advantage of market prices when they are the most attractive.

A combined strategy allows for calculated risk with some budget certainty and security. Providing you with some flexibility and fewer risks involved.

Combining fixed and flexible strategy provides you with a solution between the two differing methods. We analyse the consumption for all your sites breaking it down into manageable blocks. We identify the components that could be reduced with our energy management service.

The data collected from the analysis shows those sites where consumption is predictable and thus, the baseline is more constant for a flexible procurement and budget plan in place.

Our basket purchasing scheme allows clients to take advantage of significant economies of scale via co-terminating contract end dates and joint purchasing power. We collate all client’s needs together and tender as a group to secure a better deal.

With pass-through contracts, the contract duration and wholesale element of your price are fixed for the entire supply duration.

Non-commodity/non-energy costs such as transmission, distribution and government charges are passed through to the consumer at a variable charge.

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