The energy crisis: the solutions that could help reduce your consumption and impact on the planet

energy crisis reduced consumption needed

The energy crisis: the solutions that could help reduce your consumption and impact on the planet

The current energy crisis has led to an unprecedented increase in energy demand. Along with a reduced supply, this has had quite an impact on businesses energy bills across the UK. In light of this, businesses must focus on reducing consumption and cutting out waste.

The energy crisis further demonstrates how volatile the market can be. This should encourage businesses to focus on working towards a more efficient, sustainable future.

Carrying out audits, reducing usage and shopping around for alternative contracts could all make a real difference to businesses consumption. And in turn help them adapt to the ongoing crisis.

We take a look at some of the ways that you can reduce your costs and consumption.

Switch to low-carbon alternatives

Moving towards a greener future requires upgrades and a renovation of current energy equipment. Reducing waste and taking a simple approach can sometimes be the most effective. For instance, converting to LED bulbs can save up 80% more energy than using conventional light bulbs.

These adjustments may seem small, but they can dramatically reduce consumption, lower costs and improve your impact on the environment. Choosing to switch to green energy and low-carbon alternatives can also help businesses to get ahead of the curve. And potentially overtake competitors that have responded more slowly.

Updating equipment, installing smart meters or upgrading your building insulation can also make a huge impact on your business’s consumption rates. And subsequently your energy bills.

Focus on efficiency

Being energy efficient brings numerous environmental and economic benefits. During the current energy crisis businesses must become as efficient as possible to survive. With reduced energy supplies and increasing prices, it is important that businesses do what is best for them and the environment.

Encouraging employees to incorporate efficient habits into their daily work lives. Such as switching off tech equipment when they leave, closing windows when HCAV systems are being used and using natural light are just some of the ways businesses can reduce consumption and costs. This makes energy efficiency an essential part of an organisation’s profitable path towards net zero.

Introduce green initiatives

Green initiatives in the workplace can also encourage employees to develop sustainable habits in their daily lives. Offering incentives for eco-friendly behaviour encourages employees to live more sustainably, whilst doing so in a fun and collaborative way.

This can be done through practices like a paper-free week, reduced plastic use or increased recycling programmes around the office.

Growing consumer awareness around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is driving businesses to incorporate green initiatives. This means that not only can the results of green initiatives improve business’s consumption levels, but also generate potential clients.

Metering and monitoring

Carrying out regular metering and monitoring allows companies to understand key areas where energy is being wasted. By cutting down on consumption, a business will automatically cut its costs as well. An energy audit can assess how much energy is being used in each sector of the business. This includes factors such as lighting, heating, water usage, air conditioning and the use of electrical devices.

Sub-metering allows you to dive deeper into the factors that may be contributing to high energy consumption. High consumption usually occurs in areas where air-conditioning, lighting, and heating are in full use. Through ongoing performance monitoring, you can be reassured that your systems are continuing to deliver successful results.

How can ESS help?

It is becoming more essential to future-proof your business, as we move towards net zero targets. This will also help your business to adapt when faced with challenging situations, such as the current energy crisis.

At ESS, we understand that managing your energy consumption can be confusing and frustrating, particularly in turbulent times like these. We recommend that you install an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meter. This will provide greater visibility and insight into unusual usage trends and inefficiencies. Allowing the education sector, the chance to reduce energy consumption, waste, and costs.

Get in touch today to find out how ESS can help you to manage your energy.

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