Water metering: towards enhanced insights and greater efficiency

Water metering: towards enhanced insights and greater efficiency

Becoming more efficient with your utilities can bring numerous social, environmental and financial benefits for businesses. But the journey towards sustainability can be tricky. With that in mind, water metering can go some way towards helping businesses as they pursue efficiency.

In the run up to the UK’s net zero targets, many businesses are focusing on lowering their energy consumption. But waste water is also a huge contributor to pollution and emissions, and is often overlooked. Our water resources are also under threat, as increasing levels of abstraction prove to be unsustainable.

Water metering can help businesses to understand their consumption, while potentially bringing numerous advantages – both for businesses themselves, and the planet.

So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that can be brought by installing a water meter.


One of the most significant incentives for installing a water meter is the potential reduction in costs. Installing a water meter means that you only pay for the water you use. This can bring potential savings through the reduction of large, unwieldly and unnecessary bills.

Operating without a water meter often means that you are billed at a fixed rate. So even if you use less water this month, you will be charged the same as the previous month.

On the other hand, when you opt for a water meter, your bills will go down whenever your business actively uses less water, as you only pay for the water that you use.

Identifying costly areas on site also gives your business the chance to save water – through smart initiatives such as green incentives and making use of more efficient appliances.


Untreated waste water affects ecosystems through oxygen depletion, biodegradation of organic materials, and water-borne pathogens. Every ecosystem relies on water, however big or small. Water that is polluted with chemicals, toxins, or other by-products of human waste could put these environments in serious danger.

Leaks in the UK’s water pipe systems can often result in large amounts of water being lost. Due to the high remedial costs, the problem is not always dealt with immediately. But in the long-term, the environmental damage caused by this waste water could create more serious problems. Introducing a water meter can help businesses to spot leaks and inefficiencies quickly.

Climate change and a growing population has resulted in increased pressure on global water supplies. As a finite resource, this could lead to a water deficit unless action is taken to remedy the problem. A reduction in water supplies could also negatively impact upon ecology and wildlife. Current rates of water abstraction and changes to water levels are causing damage to wetlands, and these levels of abstraction are not sustainable.

With the UK government introducing a stream of water efficiency proposals, reducing your water usage can help play a part in making our planet more sustainable.


Gaining an insight into how much water you are using each month gives you an opportunity to reduce your water usage wherever possible. Most companies now offer a trial period, so you can see whether the meter is helping you to save money and water. If not, you can return to your normal billing arrangement.

Technology now allows us to gather insights about our water usage, so we can streamline operations, and smart metering is an incredibly useful tool to gather data.

We recommend that you install an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, which will significantly improve your energy and water monitoring and targeting. Near real-time data – that is based on actual usage, rather than estimates – can help to improve your budgeting. We can collect and analyse this data, to identify areas of possible savings and compile a report for you based on this information.

Get in touch to find out more about how AMR can help your business.


Pinpointing areas of high consumption is now essential for any business looking to reduce overheads and unnecessary waste.

At ESS, we are dedicated to establishing greener business practices through our services. We offer a service for reading your AMR/smart meters to see how and when you use energy.

We collect and present your data in a way that will help you save on your energy bills. We also offer a number of water services – including auditing, bill validation, and procurement.

Get in touch to find out how ESS can help you take your first steps towards a cheaper and more sustainable future.

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