Water Saving Week 2021: How to cut your water bills

Water Saving Week 2021: How to cut your water bills

It is all too easy to take clean water for granted in a country that is surrounded by it. So, it may seem surprising that the UK has less water available per person than most European countries. In fact, London is often drier than parts of Africa according to Waterwise. And without significant action, things are going to get worse quickly. This Water Saving Week we look at how much water we use daily and what steps we can all take to avoid water waste.

Water Saving Week in the UK

May 11-16th is Waterwise Water Saving Week. This annual online event aims to raise awareness of water wastage across the UK.

Our average daily water use in the UK is 145 litres per person. That is a total of 840 billion each year. While this may sound pretty dire, there is some good news. Lowering our usage can be a simple matter of changing a few habits or business practices. Cutting 1 minute off a shower would lower nationwide energy bills by £215m.

In simple terms, saving water saves money and the environment. Energy bills and carbon emissions are both affected by how much water we use. And non-domestic water use accounts for around 28 million kg of CO emissions every month.

Reducing the pressure on our national water network helps cut down on leaks and lowers the costs involved in expanding the network. With our increasing population pushing the demand up every year, the time to act is now.

Monitor your consumption

The first step to cutting waste is knowing how much you are using and how you are using it. This information is vital in locating problem areas and tracking how effective your improvements are. At ESS we offer a full audit to help you work out where you can make changes. We also continue to monitor your usage to help make sure your improvements are having an effect. This will also identify any leaks or sudden spikes in usage that might cause problems down the line.

Find and fix leaks

Even a small leak or dripping tap can result in a huge amount of water waste. A single fixture can lose up to 20 gallons each day. Tracking your usage can be time-consuming but our team can help you set a baseline and track any changes that might indicate a problem. Leaks can also cause damage if left unchecked so the earlier you find them, the better.

Make some landscape changes

If your business has outdoor areas some simple changes can help reduce your water bills. Capturing rain in a storage tank, laying down mulch and providing shade by planting trees helps keep your landscaping from drying out. Removing the need for regular watering can make a significant difference to your expenses.

Engage your staff and customers

Successful changes start with each of us individually. Getting your team or staff on board and engaged with reducing water waste can help ensure you get the best out of your waste reduction strategy. At ESS we can help you engage your staff with a range of workshops and training sessions tailored to your needs. As your staff become more aware of water issues, they are likely to continue these savings at home.

Environmental credentials are becoming more and more important every day. And being able to show your company cares about reducing waste is great for public relations.

Water use and Covid 19

This year’s water saving week takes into account the changes we have seen over the last 12 months. With more of us working remotely, water consumption has moved from public buildings into the home. And the increased need for washing our hands, clothes and masks has put a strain on local residential pipelines and our pockets. Helping your staff control their water usage and encouraging waste smart behavior is vital.

How ESS can help you manage your water use

Saving water can be done in many ways. But the best place to start is with an audit of your usage. We can conduct a review of your business’ water needs and start finding ways to make lasting, effective changes. We then work with you to create a tailored strategy, set targets and monitor your bills to make sure you pay the lowest amount possible all year round.

ESS can also help you choose and install smart devices across your site that further cut down on water waste. This alone can help halve your water usage, making a noticeable difference to your utility costs in a very short time. We even hold workshops and information days to help your employees learn about the benefits of responsible water use. For more information on how we can help, get in touch today.

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